Maryland Private Detectives

Civil Investigations

Advocate Investigations is an asset to any civil case. Advocate can locate, interview and obtain statements from witnesses. Advocate has expertise in photography and preparing exhibits for trail.

Criminal Defense Investigations

A Defense Investigator fulfills one of the most important roles on the defense team. The investigators job is to verify and validate all that has been done by the investigating police department.

Locating People or Assets

Advocate Investigations has great expertise in skip tracing and witness location services. All information that is obtained is found quietly, accurately and legally.

One of Maryland's Most Trusted Private Detectives

Lead investigator Roland Miller has over 40 years of investigative experience. Roland was a Police Officer/Detective for 12 years. Roland retired from the Office of the Federal Public Defender as an investigator after 18 years of service. Roland has owned a Private Detective Agency for 12 years.


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