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Criminal Defense

A Defense Investigator fulfills one of the most important roles on the defense team. The investigators job is to verify and validate all that has been done by the investigating police department. Due to lead investigators Roland Miller’s prior police experience, police officers usually speak with him.

Civil Litigation Support

Advocate Investigations is an asset to any civil case. Advocate can locate, interview and obtain statements from witnesses. Advocate has expertise in photography and preparing exhibits for trail. Advocate Investigators are experienced and skilled in court testimony.

Background Investigations

A background check can be one of the most important acts of due diligence you perform. Whether you’re evaluating a possible employee, screening tenants for rental property or ensuring that your mothers caregiver doesn’t have a history of elder abuse.

Process Service

Advocate Investigations knows that efficient, timely, reliable process service is paramount in ensuring your success. Advocate Investigations welcomes the opportunity to serve any documents to any company or individual, including subpoenas, complaints, summons and writs. We make attempts at service promptly, on varying days and times to ensure your document is served.

Accident Investigations

We can promptly and completely investigate any accident. Accident investigations typically include Photographs and diagram of accident scene, Witness statements, Neighborhood canvas and Obtaining police reports.

Skip Tracing/Witness Location

Advocate Investigations has great expertise in skip tracing and witness location. Advocate Investigations has also developed a stable of sources. Information is found quietly, accurately and legally.

Client Sign Up

Our investigators will meet with potential clients on behalf of counsel for the purpose of signing retainer agreements and obtaining a full account of the incident, motor vehicle accident, etc. Injuries and vehicles related to the accident can be photographed.

Due Diligence Investigations

Due Diligence strengthens your confidence by confirming the integrity of potential business partners and companies involved in a business transaction. A due diligence investigation can quickly and accurately assess risk, protect against and prevent actual or potential fraud, and promote informed business decisions.

Dating Site Customers

Advocate will verify that the person you are communicating with is being truthful and honest. We offer services to clients specifically tailored to find the truth in what could eventually become the decision of a lifetime. Through intensive background investigations coupled with surveillance and other investigative methods, we uncover what the reality is in any given situation. As President Reagan said, “trust but verify.”

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